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About the Datacenter

Serverius is a certified TIER III +2N datacenter located a few miles from the heart of the Netherlands. TIER III guarantees the highest security as you can see in the images above and is specifically designed for important businesses. +2N means that all engineering systems are duplicated.
The company is unique for its high quality services and its array of available networks. It is located in a perfectly stable environment, which makes it possible to build private networks and co-locate private hardware. The datacenter consists of the newest and most reliable technology: its high capacity co-location is protected with air conditioning, Tier 3 emergency power, efficient climate control services and modern fire extinguishers.

Advantages of the Datacenter

  • Datacenter uptime is over 1000 days.
  • Wide selections of networks are available, operational through multiple (fiber) carriers, which offer the opportunity of choosing the preferred mix of networks.
  • Each private collocation comes with redundant uplinks and free data traffic.
  • Remote hands service offers 24/7 technical support + 24/7 independent client access.
  • Serverius has a well-trained, friendly and trustworthy staff that can assist you with anything you need.
  • Large power consumption per rack with up to4x32Amp per full rack!
  • The electrical infrastructure (2N and N+1) is built in compliance with the NEN 1010 standard.
  • It is the only network that is located in the heart of the Netherlands. This high performance network is directly connected with other Amsterdam datacenters.
  • The air conditioners, the fire extinguishers, the generator, the ups, and distributor all have maintenance contracts of their own. These contracts are provided by the original suppliers and can be read in the datacenter.
  • All the monitoring and maintenance work of the datacenter is carried out by a team of certified professionals. The size of the team allows for high quality support and a reliable performance of the center.
  • We provide free installation of your hardware, which also includes moving it to the datacenter.
  • We offer environment friendly products through the use of green power and low (less than 1.3) PUE.
  • The datacenter is ISO 9001 certified.