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What we do at Efficient Servers

Efficient Servers provides its clients with secured virtual and dedicated servers all around the globe. As an experienced online business, we prioritize customer service, technical support, security, reliability, speed and affordability. This is why we decided to register our company in the Netherlands. In accordance with the Dutch law, customers are guaranteed with full data integrity. Our offices are situated in Amsterdam, which is closely located to the datacenter ‘Serverius’ (a TIER III datacenter) with whom we have a close business relationship. Because of this close distance, we can enter the datacenter at anytime. Our professional staff will pick up your order, install it, test it, and maintain it in the datacenter. This allows us to solve any potential issues with our clients, which is very important for us.
We also provide all our clients with new hardware, which greatly distinguishes us from other web hosting providers. Dealing with second-hand or outdated hardware lowers the reliability and longetivity of the servers, and, consequently, your business. Therefore, everything you purchase at Efficient Servers is brand new.

We’ve been in the hosting business since 2004 and Efficient Servers, a new start-up company, is a manifestation of our years of experience in which we prioritize and fulfill all the demands of our clients. We work with each client individually and dedicate as much time on him or her as the¬†client requires.

As a team of Efficient Servers, we are very thankful for your interest in our company. We hope to become a reliable partner of yours for many years to follow.