On-site Colocation Support

Aredam’s Remote Hands is a support system available to you at any time, 24/7. Its sole purpose is to support your custom data center deployment, provide maintenance and meet any emergency needs. You can always rely on our competent, certified engineers.

These experts in the field are there to execute all data center tasks. Rest assured that everything, from colocation to dedicated servers, and everything in between, is in capable hands of our engineers.

If there’s something we boast about, it’s the fact that we are a broad-minded company.

That is precisely why we don’t feel like we’re cheating by hosting your IT infrastructure in a different data center, outside of the Aredam network. Quite the opposite, actually, as we encourage and motivate our engineers to support and maintain your IT infrastructure in any data center you want.

In order to keep your infrastructure up and running without a hitch, our engineers are available for on-demand or scheduled assignments which include a plethora of remote management and troubleshooting tasks.

Because we facilitate employing our engineers for any data center task, located anywhere, you can organize your technical support more efficiently and profitably. This saves you the time, effort and money you would otherwise invest in hiring and managing local FTEs.

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