About Aredam

Aredam was founded in 2015, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as a result of an entrepreneurial and tech-oriented vision.

An IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) company, Aredam is a company with a goal of providing exceedingly customized IaaS solutions worldwide.

You can always count on Aredam meeting your needs and requirements, as it’s an internet provider, systems integrator, and a colocation provider.

Rest assured that our inventive solutions are engineered with cost-efficiency and scalability in mind. We provide a cloud-enabling service including not only colocation, dedicated servers and IP transit, but a first-class customer support as well.

While we won’t say no to a hefty profit, our main purpose isn’t to make a few quick bucks from our customers. The goal is to implement a completely transparent and candid service, as well as to cater to individual business requirements and IaaS hosting demands our clients present us with, in the best way we can.

We’ll contribute and give you access to the latest technologies at any given time.