Datacenter Transfer Service

For colocation customers that require moving, Aredam datacenter transfer service is here to help and at an affordable price, too.

No need to worry about the colocation transfers because our team will handle everything. A smooth transfer is guaranteed by sticking to a rigorous and well thought-out plan, our engineers will manage the disassembling, safe multi transportation, and upfront network movement.

Because every colocation infrastructure is distinct, the Aderam team will provide a unique and transparent overview of the current and future colocation infrastructure for each client. If the need arises, IP-space and further adjustments for the future colocation environment can be made simultaneously.

After that, the client and the Aderam team will reach an agreement on a precise movement plan in order to avoid any mistakes or surprises during the hardware move. The combination of open dialogue and strict strategies will ensure a smooth move.

Transfers are possible 24-7, any day of the year, from any datacenter within the European Union. So, if you, by chance, need our datacenter transfer service on a Sunday night at 4 am, don’t hesitate to ask – we will oblige.

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