Aredam IP Transit

When you need a vigorous, reliable and all around a first-class network infrastructure, Aredam’s multi-carrier, transit-only global network is a stellar choice.

Our high-volume network was designed with low latency, speed, and scalability in mind. Not to mention the affordable prices – the provision you’ll make will only help your business grow and reach the top of the food chain.

We offer a multi-homed IP transit service that guarantees not only built-in redundancy and fault tolerance capabilities but the finest and safest route selection for your future destination on the Internet. Our carrier-grade services are at your disposal, whether you are a telecom operator, content delivery provider, Internet or Application Service Provider (ASP), or any other type of user. We accommodate all!

Our prices and pricing plans are truly competitive, considering that we offer flat monthly rates, volume-based billing structures as well as burstable usage (95th Percentile).

For more information, feel free to contact us. Send us an email at [email protected].